Mission Statement...

The Carroll County State's Attorney's Office is a Division of the Executive Branch that serves the County as its Chief Law Enforcement Agency, in prosecuting all criminal cases ranging from traffic violations to murder. There is a separate Civil Law, Child Support Division within the State’s Attorney’s Office that works directly with the Social Services Bureau of Support Enforcement, to establish, collect and enforce child support orders.

The State's Attorney, Brian DeLeonardo, heads a team of prosecutors, victim advocates, case managers, investigators and other administrative staff seeking justice in all criminal cases that occur in this County.

The State's Attorney's Office is committed to working with and building partnerships with law enforcement, legal, ethnic, religious and community groups implementing strategies to assist in detecting, arresting and prosecuting criminals in this County.

Brian DeLeonardo

By working with these groups we develop ways to establish preventative and educational programs to deter criminal activity. This Office is dedicated to the ideas of justice and fairness while providing courteous attention to the needs of the citizens we serve.